Privacy Policy

The information provided voluntarily by users of this website are used by Papagiorgis Pattisserie, so that users can have direct and effective communication with the store and to provide answers to specific questions posed and then be served and carry out their orders. The information collected by Papagiorgis Pattisserie through the website are designed to measure the number of traffic, to determine customer requirements for more products and facilitate the transaction with the company. Papagiorgis Pattisserie does not distribute to any other organization or partner, not associated with Papagiorgis Pattisserie, e-mail addresses or any other information concerning users and customers.

Papagiorgis Pattisserie designed the website so users can visit without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to register on our website and / or send an email to Papagiorgis Pattisserie.

Papagiorgis Pattisserie collects four types of information about users :

  1. information the user gives us when registering as a customer,
  2. information the user gives us to execute the order of the Papagiorgis Pattisserie,
  3. information the user gives us for competition entries made ​​at times,
  4. information the user gives us to activate phone and internet services. At the completion of any order form on our website , you will be asked your name , address , zip code of your area , your address , your phone number , credit card information , the payment method of the order. Additionally you can request more specific information, such as dispatch - delivery of an order, billing information or details on the offer you have requested. Papagiorgis Pattisserie uses the information you provide to us during the electronic submission of the form in order to contact you regarding (i) the delivery of your order, (ii) to confirm and identify the client in any necessary case, (iii) suggest new or alternative products offered by Papagiorgis Pattisserie, (iv) make special offers, (v) after receiving gifts from a contest. You can choose whether or not you wish to receive such communications by Papagiorgis Pattisserie sending your request via e-mail to the email address

Each transaction order entails collecting personal information for delivery or booking an order. Also, using a credit card for billing which require identity verification documents rightful the first and only time in all circumstances. Any documentary evidence or document identifies and indicates the client's identity remains strictly confidential and is only controlled by the relevant responsible department of Papagiorgis Pattisserie. The submission of your personal data, means that the data can be used by employees of Papagiorgis Pattisserie for the reasons mentioned above. Papagiorgis Pattisserie requires his employees and maintainers of the site to provide users with client security level referred to in this Privacy Statement. In any other case Papagiorgis Pattisserie can not share with others, your personal information without your prior consent, unless required to do so by legal means. Please note that under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or under court order, using and disclosing of your personal data, which are collected online, is possible without your prior consent (for example in case judgment).

Papagiorgis Pattisserie has the ability to use cookies as part of the facility and operation of services through its website. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent to and stored on the user's computer , allowing sites like Papagiorgis Pattisserie, to operate smoothly and without bugs, collecting many choices of the user in order to recognize frequent users , facilitate their access to it , and to collect data to improve the content of the website. Cookies do not cause harm to computer users and the files kept on them . We use cookies to provide you with information and complete your orders and at each exit from the site they are automatically deleted. You should be aware that cookies are strictly necessary in order for the site to function properly and smoothly

Papagiorgis Pattisserie allows users to correct, change, add or delete data and information presented in Papagiorgis Pattisserie website. If you choose to delete any information, Papagiorgis Pattisserie will act to remove this information from the files directly . For safety and security of users. Papagiorgis Pattisserie will try to ensure that the person who made ​​the changes are actually the same person with the user. To access , change or delete your personal data, to report problems with the operation of the Site or make any query contact Papagiorgis Pattisserie via or e -mail to the address Changing or correcting your personal data may also be made through the account page of Papagiorgis Pattisserie. Please note that we will do everything possible to protect your personal data, but the password protection on our website depends on you.

Papagiorgis Pattisserie undertakes to ensure the security and integrity of the data it collects about users of its website. Papagiorgis Pattisserie has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users provide on the site or provide by any other means (eg telephone). These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and alteration or destruction. They also help to certify that the information is accurate and used properly.

Papagiorgis Pattisserie constantly expands, updates and improves the website, and the terms and conditions may change. We recommend you read this page at regular intervals in order to be notified of any changes to the contents of this privacy policy. This policy will be amended from time to time without prior notice to users.

By using this website you accept and consent to this Privacy Statement as well as the Terms and Conditions of use of the website, which are announced through this.